Those socks don't end up in your mailbox by themselves. There are a lot of moving parts that bring a sock from dream, concept, design, revision, manufacturing, picking, and packing, to shipment. We are a small, yet mighty team. 

Scott Williams


 Favorite sock: 
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Elisabeth Williams


 Favorite sock: 
St. Therese of Lisieux

Madison Cipoletti

Creative Director

 Favorite sock: 
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Dee Dellecca 

Director of Finance

Favorite sock:
Our Lady of Grace

Andy Miller 

Director of Operations

Favorite sock:
Pope Francis

Amanda Scanameo

Customer Service Representative


Laura Lake

Production Associate

Teresa Copenhaver

Production Associate


What Is Sock Religious?

Well it certainly isn't sacrilegious to be Sock Religious. 

Sock Religious is a Mom and Pop online store. Scott and Elisabeth launched their business at NCYC 2017 and aren't looking back. Madison is a critical member on our team and is the most talented graphic designer on this side of the Mississippi. She makes our socks beautiful! It started with Scott always trying to match his sock with the holiday, time of the year, or special event.

We love our Catholic faith which celebrates more feasts than anyone else, so it was a natural fit. We hope to roll out new socks on a regular basis with your favorite saints. Sock Religious is a perfect gift for Confirmation candidates, your pastor, your favorite Catholic, and don't forget to "treat yoself".

Sock Religious aims to bring the faith to the workplace and to spice up your Sunday best.