Tired of the same old fundraisers year after year? Why not turn our fun product into a profit for your parish or school? 

Interested in selling our socks for a fundraiser? It is super easy! You have two options:

1. Buy them then sell them. This option allows you to purchase the socks ahead of an event to sell on site. This must be a private event at your parish or school, not a larger event like a local conference. Sell them at full MSRP and the profit is yours. 

2. Sell them then buy them. This option allows for you to use our handy order forms to collect sales ahead of time like you would do for a cookie sale. For example, print off and send a sheet home with every kid at your school! Our socks make for great gifts! Sell them at full MSRP and the profit is yours.

To place your order, email

*Important notes*

  1. All sales are final for fundraisers.
  2. You may not return any products.

Email Jeff if you have questions at


Qty % Discount
12 20%
24 25%
36 30%
48 35%
60 40%
72 45%
84 50%