Order in the (Supreme) Court

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John Bursch's connection with Sock Religious started about three years ago when his wife, Angela, gave him a pair of our socks as a gift. Since then, these socks have become more than a wardrobe staple for John — they've become a powerful symbol of his commitment to religious liberty and pro-life work.

"I wear them often, even for work, because it's important in the religious liberty and pro-life work that I do that I'm keeping God and the Holy Spirit always at the forefront of everything," John explained. His commitment to wearing our socks extends beyond the workplace — he proudly wore the St. Michael's socks to the US Supreme Court for a case he was involved in.

John is the senior counsel and vice president of appellate advocacy at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). With an extensive legal background, he has argued twelve cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, emphasizing religious liberty, free speech, parental rights, and the right to life.

Why the socks? For John, they serve as more than mere accessories. "I think the primary reason that I wear them is because it's a reminder to me to be holy and why I'm doing the things that I'm doing, and to remember who's giving me the words and where to give credit and to just keep that right mindset."

But it doesn't stop there. John sees his choice of attire as an opportunity for evangelization. "Secondarily, I hope it to be an evangelization tool, where it does start those conversations, like, why are you wearing those socks with the guy with the wings?"

We couldn't help but ask John if he had any advice for those looking to have the courage to evangelize in their day-to-day lives. His response was inspiring and empowering.

"First, we're all called to be evangelists. That's our first and foremost mission, to get ourselves to heaven, but then to get as many other people to heaven as possible. And we can only do that if we take our faith into the secular culture."

John emphasizes that we all have the right to express our faith, even in a secular workplace. "The employer, unless there's some strict uniform policy that everybody has to follow, can't dictate what you wear. So when we do that, it is a witness to other people. And you never know what seeds you're going to plant."

He beautifully encapsulates the essence of evangelization, reminding us that each interaction, no matter how seemingly insignificant, could be planting seeds and moving someone on a path of conversion.

As we reflect on John's journey, let's consider the impact of our own choices in sharing our faith. Whether it's through socks or heartfelt conversations, each action has the potential to touch a heart and inspire a soul.

May you find inspiration in John's story as you walk your own path of faith, bringing the light of Christ into every corner of your life.

Check out John’s book, "Loving God's Children," where he shares insights into the Catholic Church's teachings on the human person.