Our Story

It all started with a conversation about donut socks, as most good things do…
 "I can wear socks for national donut day. How cool would it be if I could wear saint socks on a saint's feast day?" said Sock Religious' co-founder, Scott Williams. His wife, Elisabeth, thought he was joking, laughed, and they continued their weekend in Chicago. 

A few days later, he took a sock template with stick figure sketches to his colleague, Madison Cipoletti, and asked if she could help him make a sock with Pope St. John Paul II on it. The next thing they knew, they had created the first design as well as a design to honor Pope Francis that they would bring to NCYC in 2017. The socks sold out before the conference was over!

Today, Sock Religious continues to rapidly grow, and makes not only socks but t-shirts, stickers, onesies, and coffee mugs. We have heard countless stories over the years of how our products have offered encouragement, hope, support, and joy to the people who wear them! We are happy to Start Conversations Through Joyful Products. 

In 2022, we expanded our product offerings by creating a new Umbrella Brand, Catholic Concepts - Breathing New Life into the Catholic Market. Now, we have additional brands to serve Catholics in different ways. To learn more about Catholic Concepts and our family of brands, click here

Our Team

Those socks don't end up in your mailbox by themselves. There are a lot of moving parts that bring our products from dream, concept, design, revision, manufacturing, picking, and packing to shipment. We are a small, growing, and mighty team. Learn more about our team members here!