Hey parents, guardians, or older friends! We created this guide to our Mass Cling Set to help you guide the little ones in your life toward creative interactions with this product. Learn more below about each part of the Mass in simple explanations for those little ears. Then, see our suggested action for ways those tiny hands can play their way through the Mass Cling at home!
  1. Introductory Rites:

    • Description: This is the beginning of the Mass. It includes things like making the sign of the cross, saying prayers, and singing songs to get everyone ready to listen to the special stories from the Bible.
    • Suggested Action:
      • Place the altar on the fridge or window where the Mass will be celebrated.
      • Attach the white altar cloth neatly over the surface.
      • Place the altar cross in the middle of the altar.
      • Place the candles on the altar and pretend to light them to signify the beginning of the Mass.
  2. Liturgy of the Word:

    • Description: This part is when the stories from the Bible are read and talked about. It usually includes readings from the Old Testament, the New Testament (like the Gospels), and a special talk called a homily, where the priest explains the readings to everyone.
    • Suggested Action:
      • Stick the Lectionary (dark maroon book) onto the ambo (pulpit) to represent the 1st and 2nd readings.
      • Then, place The Book Of The Gospels (red with 4 circular Gospel symbols in each corner) onto the ambo (pulpit) to represent the Gospel reading and homily.
  3. Liturgy of the Eucharist:

    • Description: This is the part where something very special happens. The bread and wine are blessed and become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This is called the Eucharist or Holy Communion. People come forward to receive the Jesus in the Eucharist during Communion.
    • Suggested Action:
      • Set the Chalice and Ciborium (container holding the hosts) on the altar to symbolize the bread and wine that will become the body and blood of Christ.
      • Place the green chalice veil over the chalice.
      • Bring the water and wine vessels over to the altar while the priest prepares for consecration and fill the chalice with wine and a drop of water.
      • Place the Missal (red book with tabs and bookmarks) on the altar. This book contains the prayers said during Mass. 
      • Hold the host above the altar to symbolize the moment of consecration, when the bread becomes the Body of Christ. Do the same with the chalice, to highlight the moment when the wine becomes the Blood of Christ.
      • Pretend to swing the incense thurible gently to represent the use of incense during this part of the Mass.
      • Place the bells near the altar and pretend to ring it at the moment of consecration, symbolizing calling attention to this sacred moment.
  4. Concluding Rites:

    • Description: This is the end of the Mass. It includes final prayers, blessings, and sometimes a song before everyone goes back home.
    • Suggested Action:
      • Now you can clear off the altar until the next Mass begins!